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       Friday, March 5, 2021 

Adjusting thin rules (lines) in your Illustration (Illustrator)

To accomplish this procedure use Adobe Illustrator 6.0 or higher (recommended).



Launch the program Adobe Illustrator. From the Illustrator pulldown choose Preferences and select Units & Undo. In the Stroke options click and select Points. (See screen capture below.)



Under the Window pull down menu click on Stroke to display the Stroke palette if not already visible. Use the direct selection tool and click to select one of the thin lines. (see screen capture below)




Under the Select pulldown scroll to Same and select Stroke Weight.



With the all of the strokes with the same weight selected, increase the stroke value by clicking on the right arrow in the Stroke palette and selecting a greater value. As a general guideline, thin rules should not be less than .5 pt.




Finish by saving your image as a EPS file. Click here to see instructions.

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