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       Friday, March 5, 2021 

What to do when your images are low Resolution

To accomplish this procedure use Adobe Photoshop 4.0 or higher (recommended).



Launch the program Adobe Photoshop (screen captures show Adobe Photoshop 7.0 menus). Open the image and select image size from the image pulldown menu. (see below)



Check the existing resolution displayed in the Resolution box represented as pixels/inch. If the image is relatively close to the desired resolution "300 dpi" then the number can be highlighted and changed to 300 dpi resolution. This process will not increase detail or quality it will merely round the resolution up.






Images generated at at 72 dpi at the final reproduction size.

Unfortunately images generated at 72 dpi at the final reproduction size cannot effectively be increased using Photoshop. You can increase the dpi under the image, image size pulldown. However, this will not increase the quality of the image. Scanning the image using the intended resolution is required for best results. Please click here for general guidelines.




Resampling images generated at 72 dpi that are greater than reproduction size.

Digital cameras and other digital devices capture images at 72 dpi at a much larger physical size. These images can be resampled to achieve the appropriate resolution. (See the example below that is 72 dpi and 16 inches wide). Using the image size window from the image pulldown menu, uncheck the box Resample image and then type the desired resolution "300 dpi." This will effectivley increase the images resolution.





Finish by saving your image as a TIFF file. Click here to see instructions.

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