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       Friday, March 5, 2021 

How to create tiff images with SigmaPlot (7.0 and earlier) using Photoshop

To accomplish this procedure use Adobe Photoshop 4.0 or higher (recommended).

NOTE: The resolution for B&W images containing pictures and text labeling should be 600 dpi, one or two columns wide and in Grayscale color mode.



Launch the program Adobe Photoshop (screen captures show Adobe Photoshop 7.0 menus). Open the exported image and select Image Size from the Image pulldown menu (see below).



The tiff export from SigmaPlot will not create true 600 dpi. It resamples the physical size and will not exceed 150 dpi. SigmaPlot also exports images as CMYK color. SigmaPlot does not have the ability to create Grayscale images. Exporting at 600 dpi produces a resolution of 150 dpi at the physical size 34"x44".





SigmaPlot tiff's need to be resampled to achieve the appropriate resolution. (See the example below that is 150 dpi and 34 inches wide). Using the Image Size window from the Image pulldown menu, uncheck the box Resample Image and then type the desired resolution, "600 dpi." This will effectively increase the image's resolution and reduce the physical size. Please click here for general guidelines.



Use Photoshop's crop tool to crop the image and eliminate all surrounding white space.

After the image is cropped, the width of the image can be reduced under the Image pulldown using Image Size. Enter the desired width (1 or 2 column) into the Width text field.

Please note: the Resample Image box will need to be rechecked before the width is changed.





Under the Image pulldown menu choose Mode and select Grayscale.



Resampling resolution can produce text that is too small to reproduce legibly. To check the text size after resampling use the type tool to set a character and compare its size.

All of the text can be replaced using this method if necessary.




Finish by saving your image as a TIFF file. Click here to see instructions.

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