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       Saturday, October 20, 2018 

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Preparing Digital Artwork
for Cadmus Professional Communications with

Adobe PageMaker 6.5 for Macintosh

PLEASE NOTE: When creating graphics in programs such as Adobe PageMaker with the intention of outputting to an imagesetter or platesetter, it is extremely important that the person creating the illustration have a thorough understanding of the details of imaging in a prepress environment. There are an abundance of complex problems that can occur at output if paths are set up improperly, colors are indicated incorrectly, or other elements are constructed improperly. Trapping issues can also present problems if not addressed. The more complicated your illustration becomes, the greater the probability of problems at output, and therefore the need for more expertise and experience in creating the files.

This instruction set covers the following topics:

Document Setup

Printing the Document as EPS file

Tips for Creating the Document

Document Setup

Please Note: If you set any type in PageMaker 6.5,
you must use either Helvetica or Times.

1. Create a new document: In PageMaker, create a new document (Apple+N).

Set the width and height in the Document Setup dialog box (shown below) to the precise size required for the finished graphic. This step is important for proper placement of the graphic.

Set the Target output resolution to at least 1200 dpi.

2. Document Guidelines.

  • Create your document using type (remember, only in Helvetica or Times...), lines, shapes, and placed graphics.
  • Only Place EPS graphics in your PageMaker file. TIFF, JPEG and other formats will not work.

Print the Document as EPS file

1. Print as EPS file. When you have finished creating the graphic, you will then need to print the page(s) as EPS file. Follow the steps below:

a. Choose (File -> Print) you will see the Print Document dialog box.

  • For the Printer: You must go to the Chooser and select a PostScript Printer. You can download the latest PostScript Printer Driver from Adobe's web site.
  • For the PPD: Use the General and Color General PPD's provided with PageMaker. (If your document is color, select the Color General PPD. If your document is black and white, select the General PPD).
  • Choose the page or pages you want to save.
  • Next select Options in the Print Document dialog box.

b. In the Print Options dialog box, match the settings shown below, then save the file.

Tips for Creating the Document

The following are workarounds for creating special items in PageMaker.

  • Using Special Fonts

    Use a drawing program like CorelDRAW, Freehand or Illustrator to create the formatting desired. Covert all custom type to paths/outlines and save as EPS graphic and import it into PageMaker.

  • Photos and Gradients

    Use a paint program like Photoshop and scan or create the graphic. Save the file as EPS graphic and import it into PageMaker.

  • Note: Before importing images into PageMaker,or any other
    application, remember to set the images color mode appropriately.
    CMYK Mode is used for process printing, Grayscale and Bitmap Mode is for black and white printing. Please DO NOT use RGB or Index Modes for CPC Digital Art.
  • Please note: Some journals now require that color be submitted in RGB color mode. To learn more about the RGB workflow click here.

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