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       Tuesday, August 11, 2020 

*PowerPoint Submission*

*Please Read*
Microsoft PowerPoint is a software application designed to develop on-screen computer presentations. Usage of PowerPoint for print production is not a recommended practice. However, due to the overwhelming demand for acceptance of PowerPoint files for Digital Art Submission, Cadmus Professional Communications has developed a process to accept PowerPoint files that makes the best use possible of the files for print production.

Color Accuracy
PowerPoint files are intended for screen display (RGB color model) and must be color separated for creation of printing plates. This process involves transforming RGB color (monitor display) to CMYK color (commercial printing). Colors that are represented in a PowerPoint Presentation may not be possible to reproduce on press. Please do not rely on a monitor display to predict color output on press.

Print Out Required
A print out of your PowerPoint file(s) is required as part of your submission. Without a print out, your artwork could be subject to rejection.

Select the version of PowerPoint you are using for specific instructions and guidelines:

MS PowerPoint Office '97, 2000 and XP

MS PowerPoint Office '98 and 2001

Rapid Inspector Users

Macintosh versions of PowerPoint do not have an option for embedding TrueType fonts. This means PowerPoint files saved from the Macintosh will not pass Rapid Inspector unless users only use the following fonts:

  • Arial,
  • Courier New,
  • Helvetica,
  • Times New Roman, or
  • Symbol

WARNING: Do not use Unicode or Double-Byte fonts. If these fonts are used, PowerPoint will not embed them and we cannot insure proper processing. Below is a list of Unicode or Double-Byte fonts commonly found on Windows systems:

  • Arial Unicode MS
  • Batang
  • SimSun
  • MS Mincho
  • PMingLiu

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