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       Sunday, March 29, 2020 

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Preparing Digital Artwork for Cadmus Professional Communications
with Microsoft PowerPoint '98 and 2001 for Macintosh


Submission Guidelines

1. Include only the figure and the necessary labels
2. Place artwork with correct resolution and color
3. Do not link graphics
4. Do not use fonts in imported EPS graphics
5. Figure Sizing
6. Font Usage
7. Submit a PowerPoint Presentation file (.ppt)


Include only the figure and the necessary labels.

  • Below is a good example of a properly formatted slide. It contains only the graphic information that will print.

  • Below is an example of an unacceptable submission. Do not include the background or lecture notes on the slide.

  • Below is another example of an unacceptable submission. Do not include the name of the file, such as, "Figure 1", or figure legends within the graphic itself.


Place artwork with the correct resolution and color.
  • Artwork imported into the slide should be 300 dpi for Color and Grayscale and
    600 dpi for line art, graphs, etc.
  • Artwork should not be scaled within PowerPoint.
    If you are importing a vector EPS file, resolution is not an issue.
  • Use ONLY TIFF or EPS formats.


Do not link graphics. Make sure the "Link to File" check box is UNCHECKED.

Note: If assembling graphic elements created in Excel or Word, this is required prior placement in PowerPoint.

From the pulldown menu select Insert > object, click on the From file button. While choosing the object ensure that the Link to File box is unchecked. Illustrated below using red arrows.


Do not use fonts in imported EPS graphics. Imported EPS files with fonts will have a high percentage of font substitutions.


All figures should be sized to fit (usually one to two columns wide). This will prevent Cadmus from having to scale figures to fit. Scaling figures to fit may cause type and lines to become too small to read.


Font Usage.
Font embedding is not an option in PowerPoint 98/2001 for the Macintosh. Use only the following fonts when formatting type in PowerPoint.

    • Arial,
    • Courier New,
    • Helvetica,
    • Times New Roman, or
    • Symbol

  • 7)

    Submit a PowerPoint Presentation file. Finally, save the figure as a PowerPoint Presentation. Check the box that Appends the file extension as shown below.

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